Short Fiction Experiments

this feeling

In the morning Katya finds saltine wrappers in all of her pockets.     Red leaves falling from the outdoors tree.     We make our teacups kiss each other by the warm rims.     Clicking the fourth false finger back into its socket.     She deserves something smooth and luxurious.     Writing poetry about this feeling or maybe just the idea of this feeling.

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One thought on “this feeling

  1. From the first sentence I was drawn into this piece. Although it is paratactical the sentences seem to be connected in way that is very pleasing. I like how the images work with one another, especially saltine wrappers vs. kissing teacups. They are almost so antithetical as to be complimentary. Syntactically, the sentences are similar in length and I think this helps keep the piece connected. And the assonance of the individual sentences make it very readable.

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